Admissions policy

Admissions policy

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At Nazareth Greenwood College, we are committed to the diversity of our student body, and the small class sizes that enable us to deliver effective personalised instruction. As a result, only a number of places are available each year.

Each year, the number of applicants to Nazareth Greenwood College should not exceed our available spaces, obliging the Admissions Committee to make some very difficult decisions. The Committee should meet a significant number of students during the academic year that would make wonderful additions to the Nazareth community.

We will work very hard to understand the individual behind the application and the opportunities and challenges faced by each applicant.

Rather than seeking students who seek specific criteria, Nazareth emphasizes a mix of students that can develop into a mutually supportive community. Each candidate is considered for what he or she can contribute to the community as well as what he or she can gain from it. As a result, the admission decision is not based solely on the qualities of the individual candidate, but also on the composition of the overall community.



Nazareth’s assessment of student-applicants emphasizes character, personality, academic readiness and interest in personal growth.   

Among the questions, we consider the following:

  • Does the applicant have the academic ability to complete the requirements leading to the Secondary School?
  • Do the applicant and his/her family have values and experience or inclinations that are consistent with Nazareth’s “whole person” approach to education?
  • Is the applicant involved in the school life of his/her current school, extracurricular activities outside of school, and will he/she contribute in a positive way to the Nazareth community?
  • What is the character of the applicant? Is the applicant supportive of others? How has the applicant dealt with previous challenges and opportunities?
  • Is the applicant academically and otherwise engaged in life? Is he/she curious, interested in learning and excited about trying new experiences?



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